UK: London Zoo animals hit the scale at annual weigh-in

Penguins, lions and frogs were just some of the animals that stepped on scales, Thursday, as the Zoological Society of London Zoo (ZSL) carried out its annual weigh-in at the zoo, in the British capital, Thursday. Zookeepers gave penguins and monkeys something to nibble on to encourage them to step on the weighing scales, while the length of lions and gorillas was measured by placing big ruler... Еще boards inside their enclosures. The entire population of the famous zoo was measured and the information recorded in the Zoological Information Management System (ZIMS) which is shared with zoos across the world. Zoo manager Mark Habben explained that the gathered «information goes on to a central database called 'ZIMS', which is accessible to other collections,» and that thanks to this system he said it is possible to cross-compare information gathered «at other zoos as well.» The data gathered at the weigh-in will be used to monitor their health but also contribute to the 'ZIMS' database, which has been running since 1974 and is used globally to compare information on thousands of endangered species.
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