UK: Locals react as Astra Zeneca halts trials due to unexplained illness in volunteer

Locals from Cambridge on Wednesday reacted to the COVID-19 vaccine trials of Astra Zeneca being brought to a halt all over the world. One of the locals, Tim, suggested that trials should be immediately stopped if there is a risk for people. ''I think we should be doing more trials, parallel trials, and trying everything possible we can. But we also have to be able to sacrifice some of them if they do not work. If there is evidence that they are not working, then it should stop,'' Tim added. ''I think it is pretty good just not to rush into a thing and just take a step back to make sure that everything is right,'' another local from Cambridge said. Another local, Sebastian, believes that trials should continue because there is always a risk in trials. ''I think that you should continue with it because it is obviously difficult that it just happens to someone. But as I said that there is risk involved in any vaccine trial and we can do any vaccine trial anyway,'' he added. The pharmaceutical giant Astra Zeneca announced that the company had stopped global trials of the coronavirus vaccine on Tuesday because of an unexpected serious illness in a participant.

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