UK: Lineker remembers career highs during World Cup Italia '90

SOT, Stan Collymore, journalist: «Huge bowl!» SOT, Gary Lineker, English former professional footballer: «Huge bowl. Boiling hot again, hard pitch. So, I'm about to start my penalty taking practice and then Bobby Russell [waves] 'Gary, Gary' — 'What?' I said, — 'I've been told that Cameroon has got a spy in the stadium watching the training. So you might wanna think about your penalty practice... Еще.' Because he knew, obviously knew what I did. So I went 'all right', so I put the ball on the spot, and I only hit about ten but each one I hit low to the keeper's right into that corner. So the game comes, eight minutes to go, penalty. I thought right, ok, go just hit the one you practiced, you know how to do it. Just do that, do that, do that. And as soon as I struck it, it was perfect and also even before I struck, it I could see the keeper diving low to his right. SOT, Stan Collymore, journalist: «So the bloke up in the stands, the Cameroonian guy was there?» SOT, Gary Lineker, English former professional footballer: «I'll never know, but after 90 minutes extra time, it's 2:2, so we go off for a little team talk. Bobby goes 'Gary, Gary. I told you, I told you!» *MULTIPLE SHOTS AT SOURCE* SOT, Stan Collymore, journalist: «Were there any takers?» SOT, Gary Lineker, English former professional footballer: «Well, it was kind of a joke. But then five minutes later, he walks into the room and goes around, he says 'Right boys, we beat them in the War'. Massive cheer goes round and Bobby gone 'What, what?' and they've all gone 'Turn the thing over' and he's turned the thing over and he's gone 'Lineker, you're bastard!» Former professional English footballer Gary Lineker shared some memories from his career and World Cup games playing for the England National team during an interview in London, aired Friday. Lineker is widely known for the famous quote on football as «a simple game; 22 men chase a ball for 90 minutes and at the end, the Germans win.» He knew what he was speaking of as he, alongside his teammates, faced West Germany in the 1990 FIFA World Cup semi-finals. «God, so close», — this thought still haunts Lineker as England lost their semi-finals in penalty shootouts and came fourth in the championship. «We felt like we have done ourselves proud. We could go home with our heads held high», said Gary although admitting that it is until this day one of those «if only moments.» «We'll never know. We're always fond to see chances,» he smiled.

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