UK: Kosher food stall refused spot at Christmas market over Shabbat

A Kosher restaurant in Manchester was refused a stall the city's Christmas market because the owners refused to work during Shabbat. «It really is a shame, because the Jewish community here in Manchester has not got one single Kosher establishment to eat at in the city centre,» Martine Vaizman said in an interview recorded at her restaurant Ta'am on Tuesday. Manchester city council said vendors... Еще at the market had to stay open for the duration of the festive period. Despite offering to sublet the stand to one of her employees on Fridays and Saturdays, Vaizman said the council is «not having it.» Vaizman complained that the decision prevented Manchester's observant Jewish population from partaking in the event. A spokesperson for the council reportedly said the two-day closure of the stall would be «detrimental» to the wider market.

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