UK: 'Johnson out, UK in' — Pro-EU protests as PM and Taoiseach hold private talks

Remainers gathered outside Thornton Manor where British Prime Minister Boris Johnson and Irish Taoiseach Leo Varadkar held private talks in Wirral on Thursday. «We have been hoodwinked and we are being more hoodwinked by a prime minister that's not even elected, he hasn't even been elected by the people of this country, he's been elected by less than two percent of the people,» said a pro-EU... Еще demonstrator. Police was on the scene as Pro-EU protesters demanded Johnson to keep the UK inside the European Union, chanting «UK in, Johnson out.» There was also a small pro-Brexit counter-protest at the Manor. In a joint statement, Johnson and Varadkar said they agreed that «they could see a pathway to possible deal» after their private talks, which lasted for three hours. With 21 days to go until October 31, the current official Brexit date, the likelihood of a no-deal Brexit seems more likely as talks between the UK and EU are stalling on the backstop and other issues.

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