UK: 'It shows the strength of football' — David James on Grenfell charity match

SOT, Tony Fernandes, QPR Chairman (English): “We’re a stone’s throw away from Grenfell, talk is cheap, we’ve done it today, we brought them, words are easy, I like action and I think they feel it today I’m going to walk over there later and say hello to all of them, but I want them to know they’re part of the family.” SOT, Damien Lewis, actor (English): “They must know that the people are... Еще prepared to come together and raise money in order to help them rebuild their lives.” SOT, Sir Mo Farah, Olympic gold medallist (English): “I’m here today to support Grenfell for all the people you know who got hurt and it’s a great cause as a community to come together and see what we can, I’m excited to be here as part of it. We’re here to support and encourage and see what we can do and raise as much money as we can. I’m excited to be part of it really. Obviously, it’s a sad situation that happened, but what can we do? How can we move forward? What can we do for other people? That’s the question.” SOT, David James, former England goalkeeper (English): “It’s amazing how many people have turned up, again I think it sort of transcends the community into a national event here.” SOT, Jarvis Cocker, musician (English): “I’m local really. I live about two streets away from here and I go past the tower every day because the Hammersmith and City line goes right underneath. I wasn’t here when the fire happened but I’ve lived around this area at various times in my life so you feel part of it you know what I mean so even though my football playing skills, I’ve just been telling Peter, are very negligible, I was very honoured to asked and I will do my best.” SOT, Peter Crouch, Stoke City football player (English): “I was never going to miss out today, I obviously started at QPR and I grew up in Ealing just down the road. I’ve got a lot of friends and family, QPR fans and come to the game, I was never going to miss out no.” SOT, Stan Collymore, RT presenter (English): “They used to get use mixed up sometimes back in the day at Liverpool so do you want to go up front and I’ll go in goal today?” SOT, David James, former England goalkeeper (English): “Yeah it was only when shots were going in and I wasn’t saving them that they thought you were in goal.” SOT, Stan Collymore, RT presenter (English): “Running kit off today, number eight for QPR on today, not quite an Arsenal kit, you might get there is Usain Bolt is going to play for Man United someday this might be a trial for Arsenal.” SOT, Sir Mo Farah, Olympic gold medallist (English): “We’ll see, we’ll see obviously I ain’t good at football, I’m going to be honest before it goes out on air. I’m not great at football but I’ll try my best today and see what I can do.” SOT, David James, former England goalkeeper (English): “It shows the strength of football as a driver as you see it brings all different areas of life together. Again these are sort of the performing arts, but the firemen that were involved in the unfortunate events are gonna be here, survivors as well and volunteers, so I mean it is a massive community effort. It’s very good that QPR put the thing on for us and hopefully it’ll be an entertaining game, hopefully people won’t think that you’re in goal again.” «It shows the strength of football as a driver as you see it brings all different areas of life together,» former England goalkeeper David James said at a recent charity event held for survivors of the Grenfell Tower fire. He was speaking in an interview with Stan Collymore at the Queens Park Rangers stadium in London on 2 September, ahead of The Stan Collymore Show which airs on RT on Friday «QPR wanted to get involved, we’re a mile away from the Grenfell Tower,» QPR director of football Les Ferdinand said, adding «something like this

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