UK: 'It’s a joke' — Trump-supporters slam Baby Trump Balloon

SOT, Protester: «You find it's an insult?» SOT, Trump-supporter: «No, I found it's a joke. It's laughable. It's risible. It's not 20 foot high, it's about 6 foot high.» SOT, Protester: «How does that make news in Australia? There is in every headline in Australia and it's a little balloon.» SOT, Trump-supporter: «Why doesn't someone here prepare protests against abuse and slavery of women... Еще, children and young people? Because they are not sincere in their project. They are here just to have... You know, they come here with their blue hair and their ridiculous clothes.» A supporter of US President Donald Trump called the Baby Trump Balloon a 'joke' as the giant balloon made in the likeness of Trump flew in London on Friday in protest against Trump's visit to the United Kingdom. Trump-supporters chanted «Tommy Robinson,» a jailed English far-right activist, with one claiming that the balloon protest is «laughable and risible.» «Donald Trump, whether you like it or dislike it, he won the election. If you are here protesting him today, you are protesting democracy,» one Trump supporter said. Anti-Trump activists have crowd-funded and created the balloon, which received permission from London Mayor Sadiq Khan to be operated on Parliament Square Garden.

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