UK: Huge Harvey Weinstein effigy burnt at Edenbridge Bonfire Night celebrations

Thousands of people in costume paraded through Edenbridge, Kent, for the annual Bonfire Night celebrations, Saturday. The procession culminated in the burning of two huge effigies, one of Guy Fawkes and one of Harvey Weinstein. «Harvey Weinstein here was the most problematic figure in the papers, well in the whole media. So we felt that he really deserves his comeuppance tonight at out event... Еще», said Laura Burton Lorence from the Edenbridge Bonfire Society. Every year, in Edenbridge, a celebrity is chosen to be burned alongside the traditional Guy Fawkes figure. The celebrations commemorate the failed 'Gunpowder Plot' of 1605, when a group of English Catholics attempted to blow up the Westminster parliament building, in London, in an attempt to kill King James I.


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