UK: Hospitality workers rally for revision of 'arbitrary' COVID restrix in London

Workers and owners in the hospitality industry banged pots and pans as they called on the government to revise its coronavirus-based restrictions on pubs, bars, and restaurants, in London's Parliament Square, on Monday. Dozens of protesters gathered around midday, banging kitchen utensils and holding signs reading «Save hospitality» and «We can do our jobs safely, can you do yours properly?» Attendees called for changes to current restrictions and demanded industry-specific support. One protest organiser said, «We would like them to base their policies on science and facts, they have introduced things like the 10 pm curfew which is a really arbitrary time, with no scientific fact behind it and that plus various other things are really killing businesses.» «I don't expect venues full of people and corporate events to start happening but I do think there needs to be a conversation about how this sector is going to survive,» a protester added. The recent measures, applicable in London and a few other cities, including York, will mean people of different households will not be able to meet indoors, the rule of six will apply to outdoors, and that pubs and restaurants must close at 22:00 BST (21:00 GMT).

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