UK: 'He started sweating loads and dribbling' — Friend of Amesbury couple

SOT, Journalist: «So, at first the police say it was drug related.» SOT, Sam Hobson, Friend of Amesbury couple: «At first, the police was saying it was drug related, but I know for a fact it's not because Dawn doesn't take drugs, she just drinks and does prescription drugs, so it's definitely not drug related. There's a load of people that have touched the drugs that he used before and everyone... Еще else is fine, so I know for a fact that it's not drugs.» SOT, Journalist: «Have they been to places in Salisbury?» SOT, Sam Hobson, Friend of Amesbury couple: «Yeah, we were all in Salisbury, they went off somewhere, so they must have gone somewhere where it was contaminated, and then we've been all round Salisbury and now they're going to close a load of shops down where they've been in, just to be on the safe side.» SOT, Journalist: «And what about you? How do you feel and have you been checked?» SOT, Sam Hobson, Friend of Amesbury couple: «I've been fine. I've been checked over, I'm completely fine. So it's nothing I touched, it's obviously something that they've touched, and they've got infected by it. So they're getting enzymes pump through them in the hospital, the same as the other people did last time [Salisbury]. So hopefully they're better, but the other day they were in critical condition, now they're stable. Dawn is a bit worse for wear than Charlie, so hopefully they're going to be ok, I hope, because they were good mates.» SOT, Journalist: «What are the latest news?» SOT, Sam Hobson, Friend of Amesbury couple: «They're still in the hospital, they're still there. They are stable though, so they are just in an isolation room. There are guards up there, like keeping the room safe.» SOT, Journalist: «Have you been able to talk with them?» SOT, Sam Hobson, Friend of Amesbury couple: «No, I haven't been able to talk to them. I think they're not even like awake at the moment.» SOT, Journalist: «What do you feel about all that?» SOT, Sam Hobson, Friend of Amesbury couple: «I feel pretty bad, I've seen them in a way and I've never seen them like that before in my life, so I was panicking. At first, I thought it was a gas leak, cause I wouldn't have thought anything to do with the nerve agents, but the Ambulance were saying that it was the same kind of symptoms as them [Salisbury]» SOT, Journalist: «So, can I just make it clear, so when Charlie, when his girlfriend Dawn was taken ill, he called the ambulance, and then went out here for lunch?» SOT, Sam Hobson, Friend of Amesbury couple: «Yeah, we went here for ... He we went to get his prescription, because it would have got canceled otherwise.» SOT, Journalist: «But was he not a bit worried? It sounds like, you know ...?» SOT, Sam Hobson, Friend of Amesbury couple: «Yeah, he wanted to go straight to there, and I said like, we'll get something to eat, cause they had to do a brain scan and everything. So he wasn't sure if it was going to be ready, so by the time they did the brain scanner, he went up there, and he would have had a bit more news then. But he was really worried, he was in tears. I had to try and calm him down. I got him something sweet and talked to him and that, then he went back home to pack stuff to go up to the hospital. He got a load of money out and got her phone and tried to get some clothes ready for her.» SOT, Journalist: «I see. She was already in good hands by this point.» SOT, Sam Hobson, Friend of Amesbury couple: «Yeah then she was in good hands, so like I was just saying, look you need to get sorted and get your head cleared before you go up there, cause he was in a mess and he was upset.» SOT, Journalist: «What did they do? How do you know them?»

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