UK: Greenpeace blockade BP's HQ on CEO's first day

Greenpeace activists blocked BP's headquarters in London on Wednesday with solar panels and oil barrels to send a message to the oil giant's new CEO on his first day at work. «The reason why Greenpeace is here today is because we find ourselves in the midst of a climate emergency,» Sam Welsch, an activist and a Greenpeace spokesperson said. «Currently BP is planning to spend one billion dollars... Еще over the next ten years investing in new oil and gas production that to us is completely unacceptable,» he added. Bernard Looney, who joined the company in 1991, is taking over from former chief executive Bob Dudley. Police could be seen arresting a number of activists after cutting their chains used to lock themselves to oil barrels bearing the BP logo. One of the protesters said as she was escorted to a police car: «We need to stop fossil fuels, there is a climate emergency, we need to treat it like an emergency and stop fossil fuel now, we feel so strongly about this that we got up in the middle of the nigh to do things like this because it has to be done now.» Activists called on BP to switch to investment in renewable energy before 2030 warning that it is the only way to achieve a liveable planet.

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