UK: Gibraltar celebrates 50 years since voting to remain British

The residents of Gibraltar celebrated the enclave's 50th 'independence day', five decades after voting overwhelmingly in favour of remainign a British territory, Sunday. The 1967 vote saw 12,138 people opt to remain part of the UK compared to 44 who preferred Spanish sovereignty. Gibraltar has become a talking point since the Brexit vote last June with Spain seemingly making moves to try and... Еще claim the enclave back after the majority of Gibraltarians voted to remain in the EU. British Prime Minister Theresa May, appearing during a pre-recorded video message, said Gibraltar and the UK are closer than ever before. «You the people of Gibraltar first voted overwhelmingly to remain part of our United Kingdom family. That referendum represents a pivotal moment in our long, proud history. A history which stretches back for over 300 years,» she said.

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