UK: Folkestone locals split as former army barracks set to house asylum seekers

Former army barracks in Folkestone, south-east England, are set to house hundreds of asylum seekers following this summer's surge in Channel crossings in small boats. Napier barracks filmed on Sunday were seen being prepared to receive an estimated 400 migrants starting from Monday, and house them while their asylum claims are being processed. Communities living close to the barracks appeared split over the upcoming arrivals. One local said, «People are annoyed because people were not allowed to give their views or be notified.» Another local added, «If they are truly asylum seekers, then obviously you can't blame them for running and getting out of their country that's you know riddled with whatever, war, can understand that. It's the others that jump on the bandwagon [when] there is nothing wrong with them.» The barracks were used as part of the Shorncliffe army camp. In August, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson branded migrants' Channel crossings a «very bad and stupid and dangerous and criminal thing to do» while reportedly seeking to increase coordination with France to hinder the crossings, among other measures.

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