UK: Families asked to 'pay for the price of the bullet' that killed Iranian protesters — Amnesty International

Human rights group Amnesty International has gathered «horrifying reports» of Iranian families either being denied to receive the bodies of their loved ones or asked to refund Tehran's expenses over damages in recent protests to retrieve the bodies according to a researcher working with the NGO in London on Tuesday. «The information that Amnesty international has received from inside Iran in... Еще recent days reveals a horrific pattern of unlawful killings in the country. Security forces have intentionally used firearms against unarmed protesters in order to crush the protest that emerged in Iran since last Friday. So far, Amnesty International has been able to document the deaths of at least 143 protesters,» said Raha Bahreini speaking at the NGO's headquarters. «Sometimes families have been told that they need to pay for the price of the bullet that was used to kill their loved one, in other cases, it's reported that they need to pay for the damage caused by the protest to government property,» she added. The researcher noted that the «majority of the protesters were peaceful» but Amnesty International verified footage from Iran, supported by eye witness accounts that show «the intentional use of lethal force,» branding the alleged killings «a deadly crackdown by the Iranian authorities to crush dissent.» Recent protests in Iran were triggered by an announcement of at least a 50 percent increase in gas prices in Iran on November 14. The government said that the income generated from the reform would help to purchase basic goods and medicine, pay pensions and employees of state-owned institutions, and ease the burden of US sanctions on the national economy. Tehran has blamed the violent clashes on hooligans and rioters and blamed the US for taking advantage of the unrest. The countrywide anti-government protests in Iran have been since been contained.

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