UK: «Everyone seemed in good spirits» — Londoners resilient following Parsons Green attack

Local residents living close to Parsons Green station, west London, recounted the aftermath of a suspected terrorist attack on a District Line train, Friday. At least 18 people are believed to have been injured in the attack, none are thought to be in a critical condition. Cosmo Mackenzie, who lives in the area, said that he was awoken by the «commotion outside» the station. «It didn't seem that... Еще panicked. There were a lot of women who were upset with grazed knees and things like that; but I didn't see anyone with a serious injury», he continued. He added that «counterterrorism police [...] banged on the door and said they were evacuating everyone» from their homes, and that people had to wait few hours before being able to go back inside. Eleanor Beevor, another local resident noted that her street was «cordoned off along with it looks like the most of the main residential streets in the immediate [inaudible] of the station», pointing out that police told the crowd «to stay out of that area until it's safe».

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