UK: EU expats in London look with uncertainty at looming Brexit

EU expats residing in London commented on the upcoming UK's withdrawal from the European Union on Thursday with uncertainty dominating the answers. «They keep saying different things every single day. So we just live in sort of uncertainty every single day so. I don't know. I applied for my.. what's it called: free settle statement. So I got that one. But after that I really don't know what to... Еще expect from this government,» said Eleonor, an Italian expat. Mike from Ireland who works in financial services said that some of his friends «leaving and heading back to the EU potentially creating a brain drain for the lack of certainty.» Another expat from Italy, Marco said Brexit was the results of the government blaming foreigners for its own problems. «Every country is now trying to build walls. That's what we do in Italy, in every place. Because the government always says is from the enemies, is from outside. All the enemies come from other nations. But it's not that,» he said. The UK is set to formally leave the European Union January 31 entering an 11-month period of transition.

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