UK: EU divorced, democracy beheaded, legislation survived? Henry 8 protests withdrawal bill

Protesters dressed up as Henry VIII and the Tudor monarch's entourage gathered outside the Houses of Parliament in Westminster, London, as the UK government debated the EU Withdrawal Bill, Thursday. The legislation, known as the Great Repeal Bill, contains a series of new powers for the UK government, dubbed «Henry VIII clauses» due to the famed 16th-century tyrant's power grab from the Catholic... Еще Church, and will be enacted once the country leaves the European Union. The move has been condemned as a threat to British democracy by academics and campaigners alike, as the government attempts to repeal the 1972 European Communities Act which gave EU laws precedence and jurisdiction to the European Court of Justice. «The Great Repeal Bill is essentially the biggest piece of legislation that has ever gone through parliament in our history», said Nick Dearden, Another Europe is Possible spokesperson. «Parliament will be giving up its sovereignty, it's giving up its representation of the people of this country and handing it to the government so in many, many important ways it’s a deeply regressive step».

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