UK: End arms sales to Saudis, scrap tuition fees — Corbyn

British Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn called for the termination of arms sales to the Saudi-led coalition while speaking at a fringe meeting of the Labour party’s annual conference in Liverpool on Sunday. «the best thing to do is to stop the war altogether, and to stop that, and to begin that by ending our supply of arms to the Saudi coalition,» Corbyn said. Corbyn later pledged that he... Еще would increase the minimum wage to £10 an hour and scrap university tuition fees, calling it «right way to invest our money.» The Labour leader also criticised US President Donald Trump for pulling out of the Paris Climate Agreement, and declared that protecting the environment must be a priority. «Our movement has to be as strong on environmental protection and eco-protection as it is on social justice, because that is the way we protect the future for all of us,» Corbyn said.

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