UK: EDL protest met with anti-racism counter-demo in Rochdale

A demonstration by the far-right English Defence League (EDL) in Rochdale was opposed by a Stand Up To Racism protest, Saturday. Police officers kept the opposing groups separated to opposite sides of the town centre. EDL protesters marched through the streets of Rochdale chanting, waving the flag of St George and holding banners reading «there is no place in Rochdale, no place in England, for... Еще Islamo-fascists, racist child abusers or jihadist sympathisers» amongst others. A Stand Up To Racism counter-demo took place at the same time to stand up to the protesters. A representative for the organisation said they were there to «stand in solidarity to the Muslim community» and «show the EDL that they don’t represent the majority here in Rochdale». She also spoke out about the police «allowing the EDL to hang around in bars and pubs and get drunk,» saying «they shouldn’t be allowed to, you know, turn up in different towns across the country at weekends, get drunk, and spread their hatred». Allegations of local authorities covering up widespread cases of child sex abuse, and the racial profile of those convicted in connection to the crimes, have sparked a number of far-right protests in the area.

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