UK: 'Earthly Messenger' — Aylesbury debuts world's first David Bowie statue

Hundreds gathered in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire on Sunday to witness the unveiling of the world’s first David Bowie memorial sculpture. 'Earthly Messenger', which is installed in Aylesbury's Market Square, features an older David Bowie regarding his former younger alter-egos including Ziggy Stardust, whom Bowie debuted in Aylesbury, with a smile. «Bowie is such a mercurial character that he... Еще gave me the perfect venue to be able to express what I've been developing — my own sort of art — which is being able to tell a story through sculpture,» said Andrew Sinclair, the artist behind the work said. A club co-founder and music promoter David Stopps hosted the event while musicians Howard Jones and Steve Hogarth of rock band Marillion unveiled the statue. CEO of Sony Music Rob Stringer, a local of Aylesbury also attended celebrations.

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