UK: 'Don't cry, don't cry' — Pele on consoling father after Brazil World Cup loss

Legendary retired Brazilian footballer Pele talked about his first experience of the World Cup and recalls consoling his father after their national side lost, during an interview with former English footballer Stan Collymore in London, in footage released on Friday. “I saw my father, he was with other players in my house listening to the game because at that time we didn’t have a TV. Then I saw... Еще my father cry with his friends,” Pele recalled, adding “I said, 'don’t cry father we’re going to win the World Cup, don’t cry, don’t cry I said for my father'.” Pele also talked about what he learnt from his father as a young football player. “Listen, just think and put in your mind, you were selected to play for the national team of Brazil, but you are not a good player not the best player, you’re gonna be the best player,” he said, adding “the World Cup 58, my father never come to me and say ah beautiful you play good. No, always he say you made a mistake there, you could give a pass but ok, but you have to learn more, you have to learn more.”

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