UK: Demonstrators call for Scottish independence outside parliament in Edinburgh

A group of demonstrators rallied outside of Scotland's parliamentary building in Edinburgh on Monday, in support of Scottish independence. Holding signs reading «Yes» — harkening back to the 2014 referendum on the matter — the demonstrators used the occasion to keep alive the cause that some felt has been buried by the COVID-19 pandemic. «Managing COVID should run parallel with fighting for independence. We should not be dropping the cause. And that is why we are all here today, because we want independence and we want this to be reverberated right the way through to what is at the moment an empty parliament,» said Neil Mackay, who organised the event. Others hoped for another independence referendum that would also see Scotland remain in the European Union, referencing Scotland's «right to self-determination.» Scotland's management of COVID-19 has differed from that of England's, with First Minister Nicola Sturgeon advocating a policy of «total elimination» and adopting precautions such as compulsory mask-wearing much earlier.

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