UK Data Bumps Spreads for GBP/USD

Start your trading week right and compare your broker's price feed with the Dukascopy Spike Controller’s benchmark interbank price data. Euro/dollar’s daily average spread is point 41 pips and maximum separation has been 1.8 pips. The pair rose above the 1.14 level yesterday as it gained point 46% to define the daily volatility of 52 pips. Spreads have been mostly calm so far this week, peaking... Еще at only 1.8 pips yesterday at 11 PM GMT. The Cable’s daily average spread is slightly above the 1 pip mark. Peak of 3.4 pips took place during the past hour. Pound/Dollar rose by a total of point 46% or 58 pips, before dropping from the high of 1 2761. It was busy with the UK data releases today at 9:30 in the morning and that’s the time of the peak spread, but you shouldn’t have been charged more than 3.4 pips. And last up is the Dollar/Yen pair, which has a daily average spread of point 37 pips. Maximum separation has been 1.1 pips. The pair hit the daily low of 112.24 early in the session, but the pair surged by point 45% or 51 pips in a following rise. Spreads were bumpy for a while yesterday at 11 PM GMT, but the max separation was just 1.1 pips. I'm Jack Everitt and this was the Spike Controller for Monday.

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