UK: Climate activists in ancient Greek costumes occupy British Museum to protest BP funding

Dozens of activists occupied the British Museum in London for the second day in a row, on Saturday, to protest BP's funding of an exhibition. The civil disobedience campaign was organised by the theatrical protest group BP or not BP, and it featured activists dressed in ancient Greek costumes chanting slogans against the involvement of multinational fossil fuel corporation in the museum's... Еще exhibitions. «We want to send a really strong message that it is not acceptable for our cultural spaces to associate themselves with fossil fuel companies and to low their reputations like this,» said one of the members of BP or not BP. The protest began on Friday night when demonstrators dressed in character smuggled a 13-foot Trojan horse in the museum's lobby which remains in the place. Another member of the activist group suggested the head British Museum follow the example of the Royal Shakespeare Company who divested from their BP sponsorship deal in October of last year. The protesters have reportedly tried to occupy the museum overnight in an effort to pressure the museum's directors to cut ties with BP.

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