UK: Check out Sotheby’s «Art of the Soviet Union» auction preview

Sotheby’s auction house in London held a preview of the first dedicated auction of Soviet art, Friday, to mark the centenary of the 1917 Russian Revolution. «It’s called 'Art of the Soviet Union' where we are going to be offering works on paper and paintings from the early 20s onward up to 1991, the collapse of the Soviet Union» said Reto Barmettler, Director Head of Russian pictures sale at... Еще Sotheby’s London. According to Barmettler, «what’s really interesting with the Soviet sale and why it was such a pleasure putting it together is that actually there’s so much diversity in Soviet art.» The auction demonstrates avant-garde, state-sponsored 'Socialist Realism' pieces and art from the post-war era. Alexander Deineka’s paintings, including his oil work 'The Coal Miner', is said to be the highlight of the sale. The auction takes place on November 28.

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