UK: ‘Cambridge Analytica no Bond villain’ says company spokesman

Cambridge Analytica spokesperson Clarence Mitchell attacked “the main falsehoods” concerning the embattled company during a press conference in London on Tuesday. He said, «The first and most pernicious, from our point of view, of these falsehoods, is that we still hold GSR data and have not deleted it, did not delete it, when asked to properly by Facebook. That is categorically untrue.» He... Еще also denied any claims that Cambridge Analytica worked for the Brexit campaign, stating «Cambridge Analytica have never worked for any of the Brexit campaigns, although, as I say, we did pitch unsuccessfully to both the Brexit and later Remain designations.» Mitchell stated frankly that «to suggest that somehow not working on the [Brexit] campaign, not using the Kogan data during the Trump campaign has somehow brainwashed or forced people to vote a certain way in both the America and in Britain is frankly insulting to the electorates.» He added: «The company is being portrayed in some quarters as almost some Bond villain. Cambridge Analytica is no Bond villain.» Cambridge Analytica was alleged to have acquired the Facebook data of over 50 million Facebook users illegally, which was then alleged to have been used to target and profile voters during elections campaigns, including the election of US President Donald Trump and the EU Brexit referendum.

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