UK: British statements ‘reckless’ — Russian ambassador to UK on cyber-attack accusations

Russian Ambassador to the UK Alexander Yakovenko rebuked Britain’s allegations that the Russian military intelligence service had conducted cyber-attacks against a series of organisations worldwide including the OPCW, British Foreign Office and defence laboratories at Porton Down. In his statement from London on Thursday, he described the statements as “reckless” and part of “a well-coordinated... Еще campaign, to discredit Russia.” “We believe that these kind of statements are reckless and I explain why. First of all, these statements are not supported by any evidence. This is first. Second, we hear these kind of allegations for quite enough,” he said. He also said that the statements come as NATO are planning to create their own “cyber forces.” “So, basically, we see there is some kind of a campaign, a well-coordinated campaign, to discredit Russia. Of course, that is from my point of view it looks unacceptable,” he said. Four Russian nationals have been expelled from the Netherlands on suspicion of their involvement in the alleged attack. Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova has since described the accusations as «big fantasies.»

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