UK: Britain First leader Golding arrives at London court for terror offence trial

Britain First leader Paul Golding appeared at the Westminster Magistrates Court in London on Thursday, where he denied the terror offence he's been charged with after refusing to give police officers the PIN codes to his electronic devices after returning from Moscow. Footage shows him arriving at the court with a dozen of his supporters, carrying a banner, "Paul Golding - patriot not terrorist... Еще." "I had an invite to the Russian parliament to give a speech and when I got there I also visited the headquarters of the second largest political party in Russia, and I went on several of the high-profile Russian TV news channels, gave interviews. When I returned back to the UK, I was pounced upon by SO15 Counter-Terrorism Command, who took me, arrested me, demanded to have all the pin codes for my laptop, my hard drive, my mobile phone, and essentially I told them to get stuffed," said Golding. He is set to appear for trial on May 20.

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