UK: Border communities protest UK's departure from EU

Border communities banded together on the border of the UK and Ireland in UK's Jonesborough on Friday night to showcase their disappointment with UK's departure from the EU. Footage shows protesters holding banners, whilst organisers gave speeches praising the «support from the unionists community.» One of the organisers said her «confidence in Britain's commitment to the principle of consent... Еще was undermined, and our confidence in its commitment to the Good Friday agreement was undermined. The Good Friday Agreement enshrined the rights of citizens from British and Irish backgrounds, and it turns out that most of those rights rely on the membership of the European Union if you are an Irish citizen.» Many fear the new border will reignite tensions between the UK's Northern Ireland and the Republic of Ireland that shadowed the last thirty years of the 20th century. The Troubles saw persisting violence, which was responsible for thousands of 3000 deaths. The UK joined the European Economic Community in 1973 and after 47 years it is the first member state to withdraw from the EU. The 11-month transition period began on Friday.

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