UK: Big Ben's Final Bong: Is it right or is it wrong?

The silencing of Elizabeth Tower, an iconic landmark in the heart of London, stirred controversy on Monday, with several MPs speaking out against the move despite apparent indifference from the general public. Big Ben rang its final toll as repair work is set to begin and stop its hourly chime for the next four years in order to protect workers' hearing. The event attracted several hundred... Еще spectators. Several members of Parliament were said to have bowed their heads during the bell's final performance causing many users on social media to ridicule the perceived overreaction and apparent lack of awareness given the backdrop of nuclear tensions in North Korea, terror attacks around the world and Brexit. However, MPs Steve Pound and Peter Bone were resolute in their defence of the clock tower and its symbolic importance for the people of Britain. «It means something, it really does. These are the chimes of freedom, and they've got to be respected. We've got to keep them bonging,» said Pound. «It is crucial that in the face of terrorism we actually show resilience and that we show we can carry on.»

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