UK: Barbershops, pubs, restaurants reopen in London prompting queues

Various shops in Camden Town, London, were filmed having reopened on Saturday, as the British government continued to ease coronavirus restrictions. Residents formed long queues outside barber shops, trying to get their first haircut in months. In addition, though reopened, pubs and restaurants on Camden Market saw a small number of visitors. Some shop owners expressed relief at the possibility to reopen their businesses, assuring that they've taken the necessary precautions. «We can start with hair. We've taken extra measures. We've got the dividers in place, and we've also got our masks at the door, our hand sanitisers, and we've got, we're spreading out the bookings,» said Amy, a beauty shop owner, who said she was a week away from financial ruin, having been closed for three and a half months. Meanwhile, London resident Melih expressed frustration over how the British government handled the outbreak. «I'm a bit disappointed with [UK Prime Minister] Boris [Johnson] with that. I hate the fact that he comes up and does his speeches that he doesn't have a haircut, and he's trying to be one of us, when we both know, yeah, you haven't been coping like us,» he said. «I've been surviving on, like, half a pay for three months now. It doesn't help me the fact that you haven't had a haircut. It doesn't make me feel better. I'm actually pretty frustrated with the government,» he added. The United Kingdom has reported over 285,000 cases of coronavirus, according to data compiled by the Johns Hopkins University. At least 44,000 people have died with the virus.

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