UK: Banksy-style mural appears in Grimsby

A Banksy-style mural appeared on Grimsby's 'hell pub' overnight sparking locals to suggest the elusive artist has been to their town as shown in footage filmed on Sunday. Speculation is mounting as to whether a mysterious piece of stencil graffiti, which appeared on the front of a derelict pub overnight, could have been produced by Banksy. The artwork is of a similar style to other works by... Еще Banksy, social media users have commented. Susan Chesman spotted the graffiti in the early hours of Friday morning and shared her discovery on Facebook. Since it has drawn local, national and international attention and much controversy on social media with the main question being 'Could Banksy be in Grimsby?'. Some of the Grimsby locals do not believe the mural was created by Banksy. One man said «I've been looking at some of his paintings for a while now. It didn't look anything like one of Banksy's.» However, another man said that the mural got people out «just to check it out,» adding «which is what art's all about really, isn't it?» He went on to say that «getting people in the community is better than in a gallery.» «I think it's really good, yeah fantastic,» he concluded. Banksy visited nearby Hull last January to create an image of a child holding a sword-pencil with the caption «Draw the raised bridge!». Images of the mural were shared on Banksy's official Instagram account. The Albion pub shut down eight years ago and is set to be knocked down and made into flats soon. It used to be a popular drinking spot for locals working in the docks, but now the Albion is only frequented by drug users, according to the Grimsby Telegraph, which described the pub as a «dangerous minefield of illegality.»

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