UK: Anti-mask activists descend on London streets

Anti-face mask activists descended on central London streets on Saturday to protest the government's announcement of extending the mandatory use of face coverings in public transport and supermarkets as well as other public areas. Protesters were seen marching towards Downing Street as they chanted and carried signs and banners. One of the demonstrators, David, said, «I'm concerned about where the country is going in terms of mandatory face masks use. Now, this is my body, I used to be a nurse, a mental health nurse, and one of the things we learnt as mental health nurse students is that it is considered battery to forcibly put something on a person's body without their consent.» The United Kingdom is currently facing a rise in coronavirus infections, causing a delay in the lift of restrictions and implementation of new rules regarding face coverings. According to reports, a new law will enter into force on August 8th, making the use of face masks mandatory in places such as cinemas, places of worship, and galleries, to name a few. Since the beginning of the outbreak, the UK has recorded over 305,500 confirmed cases of COVID-19 and 46,278 related deaths, according to data compiled by Johns Hopkins University.

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