UK: Anti-immigration protesters and counter protesters rally in Dover

Far-right protesters clashed with police in Dover while blocking the A20 dual carriageway in a protest against the recent wave of small boat migration on Saturday. Counter-protesters meanwhile, were busy organising a peaceful migrant welcoming demonstration in the city centre. Right-wing protesters could be seen scuffling with police, and chanting offensive slogans such as, «Get back on your boats and piss off home.» Multiple arguments broke out between protesters and police throughout the demonstration. «The immigration is not stopping. No nation, including the British government are doing anything to make these people go back to their own homes. We were all brought up to fend for ourselves. These people need to start to build their own countries and not come and use our benefits,» stated Tracy, an anti-immigration demonstrator. One 'Stand up to racism' activist highlighted the fact that the UK had taken very few refugees in compared to other European countries including Germany. «So we, at the very least, should be keeping up to the numbers that Europe are. Our counterparts, Germany, France, if not more. At the end of the day, the UK has taken a lot more from the world than the countries that these people come from,» he said. «It's to show that we can build social cohesion with people coming from around the world. It doesn't have to be about division. It doesn't have to be about fear for those who are different from us,» explained Labour party councillor for Folkestone East Michelle Keutenius. The protests erupted after the words, «Rise above fear. Refugees welcome,» were beamed on the famous White Cliffs of Dover on Friday night. The initiative was organised by the humanitarian charity known as Freedom From Torture.

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