UK: Afghan interpreter fears for live after asylum rejected

A former Afghan interpreter who risked his life working for British forces in Afghanistan spoke of his fear on Thursday in Manchester after his application for asylum was rejected. Abdul Bari fears Taliban militants will target him if he is deported from the UK. «That was injustice, because when I worked, I helped the British forces in a very risky time, but at the moment I am at risk so I... Еще need help. But they’re still ignoring me,» Bari said. Even though he knew the risk of helping British forces, Abdul explains that he did it «because the situation in our country was very bad, so I have to help the international forces to protect our country.» Bari was forced to flee when the Taliban began targeting his family. He then came to Britain illegally through Calais and applied for asylum on the very first day. Bari was a professional boxer in Afghanistan, but he cannot compete in the UK since he is an asylum seeker with no work permit. He continues to train in Manchester while awaiting a final appeal against the deportation decision. «All human beings should have a chance in life, we should look after people who have looked after us and if we don’t, we’re in a bad situation,» Abdul’s coach Mick Jelley said.

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