UK: A walk across the street changes lockdown experience at England-Wales border

Residents living along Boundary Lane, dividing the Welsh town of Saltney and that of Chester in England, are coping with different lockdown conditions just a few metres apart. As England starts to lift its restrictions, residents of Wales are still mainly confined to their homes, allowed to be outside for just one hour a day. «I'm in furlough at the moment. I live in England, but at the minute I... Еще work for a company that's in Wales, so I can't go to work because it's still shut anyway,» said one resident who lives just on the border. «If I was standing or living on the other side of the road I could be going out more than once a day and doing several bits of exercise and mixing with my family and friends which I can’t do here,» said a Wales resident on Wednesday. Each of the different kingdoms in Great Britain have imposed different restrictions and guidelines, causing confusion for those whose lives spill over to various parts of the island.

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