UBER CUTE! Orphaned baby hedgehogs find wet-nurse in Musya the CAT

Alyona Asnovina, Sadgorod Zoo deputy director (Russian): «The hedgehogs' mother was hit on the head by a lawnmower. Her eight babies were left without a mother. They were still blind. They needed to be fed. They didn't eat on their own. We tried to feed them from a small bottle and a syringe. After two days, the hedgehogs were becoming hungry. Alyona Asnovina, Sadgorod Zoo deputy director (Russian... Еще): «I saw our cat Musya in the yard. I quickly grabbed her and put her by the baby hedgehogs. Literally, after a couple of seconds they approached the cat, they understood at once what to do, having felt her warmth and the smell of milk. Surprisingly, the cat also understood instantly what was expected of her. She lay down and fortunately, the hedgehogs began to nurse.
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