UAE: Dubai braces for launch of first Arab Emirates Mars mission

On July 15 at 12.51 am (UAE time), the Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre will launch its first interplanetary spacecraft, the Hope probe, on a scientific mission to the Red Planet as part of the ‘Emirates Mars Mission.’ The take-off of the Mitsubishi H-IIA rocket will be conducted from a launch pad on Tanegashima island in Japan. The Mohammed bin Rashid Space Centre started the project in 2014. “The involvement of the UAE nationals and the engineers of Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center was from day one. When it comes to project management when it comes to development when it comes to detail design and testing and launch. So all the faces of the development and launch have been induced by Emirati engineers from Mohammed bin Rashid Space Center,” said Mohammed Al Harmi, Director of Space Operations. The Hope spacecraft is specially designed to carry three different scientific instruments that will help scientists study parts of Mars and its atmosphere. «This mission is unique. You have three different scientific instruments that can help you study the full martian atmosphere, seasonally, daily, globally,» said Al Harmi. «So the data received will be studied by scientists, engineers and hopefully, from that data, we can come up with inventive researches that will help us go to Mars or study parts of Mars or the atmosphere of Mars and maybe understand more about how we can move to the Red Planet,» he added.

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