Two straight Irish men walk down the aisle... and into tax exile

SOT, Matt Murphy, groom: «So somebody up there was thinking of us in the spirit world.» SOT, Matt Murphy, groom (English): «So that's the main thing apart from bonding, cause we are always together anyway. And that's the, so now I am happy because if I did, God forbid, go in the morning, once my will is signed then Michael can do what he likes with the house.» Two straight friends Michael O... Еще'Sullivan and Matt Murphy married in Dublin on Friday to avoid paying an inherence tax on the latter's property. The ceremony took place at Dublin's Registrar of Marriages and Civil Partnerships. The grooms have been friends for almost 30 years, and Michael is now Matt's carer. Since Matt is unable to pay for the service, they agreed that, when Matt passes away, Michael will inherit his home in Dublin's Stoneybatter. «If Matt dies and the house comes to me, because he is my spouse, there is no tax. So I can actually live in that house», explained Michael. Because of Ireland's Capital Acquisitions Tax (CAT), which applies to certain gifts and inheritances of specific amounts, Matt would have had to pay a 33% tax to the government. In case of gifts or inheritance given to a spouse or civil partner, the tax does not apply.

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