Turkish wrestlers oil up and pin each other down

Muscly men lathered up for the Kirkpinar Oil Wrestling Festival in Erdine in north western Turkey this Friday. Wrestlers ('pehlivan') wearing leather breeches ('kispet') compete on grass after being covered with oil. They fight for the title of Chief Pehlivan and a belt made of 1,450 grams of gold. Matches can sometimes last several hours and are won when a wrestler pins another to the ground, or... Еще lifts him over his head. The use of olive oil makes it almost impossible for wrestlers to grab each other, making the sport much more difficult and demanding in terms of energy, hence more fun for the spectators. Kirkpinar is the oldest continuously running oil wrestling competition, believed to have begun in the mid-14th Century. The grand final of the 658th Kirkpinar festival will take place on Sunday.

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