Turkey: 'We will pause Operation Peace Spring' — FM Cavusoglu after meeting Pence

Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu announced the temporary five-day cessation of Turkey's offensive in northeastern Syria, after reaching an agreement with US Vice President Mike Pence, in Ankara on Thursday. «As you may have followed, since we couldn't achieve a result with US on the issue of the safe zone, we had started Operation Peace Spring. Our aim was to clear the terrorists out of... Еще the region. Thanks to the shrewd leadership of our President, we have taken what we wanted during today's negotiations,» said Cavusoglu. «The US side has admitted the importance and the functionality of the safe zone in terms of protection of Turkey's legit security interests. A full agreement has been reached on that region to be controlled by Turkish Armed Forces. Therefore, the US side has admitted the legitimacy of our operation and aims, and we will continue to cooperate with everybody on that matter,» he added. «We will pause the Operation Peace Spring for 120 hours for PKK/YPG to leave the safe zone. We are not stopping it; we are pausing it. This is not a ceasefire. Ceasefire is established between two legit parties. We are pausing the operation for the terrorists to leave the safe zone. We can end the operation only after the terrorist elements leave the area,» the Turkish diplomat said. MANDATORY CREDIT: Turkish Foreign Ministry Pool
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