Turkey: US-Turkish Syria buffer zone talks off to 'great start' — FM Cavusoglu

Turkish Minister of Foreign Affairs Mevlut Cavusoglu said that US-Turkish Syria buffer zone talks were off to a «great start» after the two sides agreed yesterday on the establishment a safe zone in northern Syria, while speaking at a news conference in the Turkish capital on Thursday. According to Cavusoglu the two parties have agreed on setting up a joint operations centre to coordinate their... Еще efforts. The foreign minister added that Ankara would not allow the plan to be delayed like the Manbij roadmap; an earlier agreement with the US on removing Kurdish forces from Manbij in northern Syria, that has yet to be implemented. «We said it crystal clear that we will not let this effort to turn out like the Manbij roadmap ... either all those terrorist which are threatening our security will be cleaned with their weapons from this area, or we will do it alone,» he said. Cavusoglu also said that the plan has humanitarian implications as it would allow «refugees in Turkey and elsewhere from Syria to be brought to their own lands in safety.» mandatory credit: turkish ministry of foreign affairs

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