Turkey: Thousands of women gather in protest against violence in Istanbul

Thousands of women gathered in protest to denounce violence against women in Hayrettin Square in Istanbul on Tuesday. The protest was the latest in a series of demonstrations triggered by the murder of Pinar Gultekin who was reportedly murdered by her ex-boyfriend. Protested could be seen chanting and holding portraits of Pinar Gultekin. «You know what they say right? This is a tradition. Pinar Gultekin's murder is a tradition. The Ministry of Family says that what happened to Pinar is just an accident. They are against women. The ones who are against the Istanbul Convention are supporting the ones who murder women, against divorce and against children,» said Women's Reunion spokesperson. 27-year-old Economics student Pinar Gultekin went missing on July 16 and was found dead by police 5 days later in a forest area in Mugla. Police arrested her boyfriend, who reportedly confessed to strangling her, according to local reports.

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