Turkey: Saudi Arabian journalist 'most likely killed', says friend

The missing Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi has “most likely” been killed, according to his friend Mohamed Okda who spoke to the press outside of the Saudi consulate in Istanbul on Monday. «We’d like to know exactly what happened inside the Saudi consulate here in Istanbul and the circumstances surrounding his disappearance and we demand his immediate release, if alive,» Okda said. Okda... Еще demanded to know «the names of the people who were involved in his disappearance, the 15 Saudi nationals, who came in here to Turkey to kidnap him or to kill him.» He went on to accuse the Saudi crown prince Mohammad Bin Salman of being «a killer» who «doesn’t care about international justice.» Okda concluded by adding that he has had only «unofficial conversations» with Turkish officials and is convinced that Khashoggi is «most likely killed.» Khashoggi went to the consulate on Tuesday to prepare documents for a forthcoming marriage. His fiancée claimed she waited outside for him for 11 hours, but he did not return. Turkish officials claim to have evidence of his murder. According to the official Saudi news agency, an official at the Saudi consulate in Istanbul denied any wrongdoing and strongly condemned the allegations. Meanwhile, a Saudi security delegation has arrived in Istanbul to assist in the investigation. A Saudi national, Khashoggi was a strong critic of his country's regime, and fled Saudi Arabia in 2017.

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