Turkey: Protesters rally against Trump’s 'Deal of the Century’ in Istanbul

Protesters held demonstration against US President Donald Trump's recently announced Israeli-Palestinian peace plan, also known as the «Deal of the Century,» in Istanbul on Sunday. Footage shows several people waving Palestinian and Turkish flags as well as anti-Israeli and anti-American banners. Speakers also took to the stage during the rally as enthusiastic demonstrators cheered and chanted... Еще pro-Palestinian slogans. The event was organised by the Islamist Turkish political party Felicity Party (Saadet), and called on all political parties to join them under the slogan «Stand up for Jerusalem against the Bullying of the Century.» Trump unveiled his much-hyped 'Deal of the Century' alongside Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu in Washington DC on January 28. Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas rejected the plan as being one-sided in favour of Israel.

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