Turkey: Protest in Istanbul condemns republishing of Prophet Muhammad cartoons

As many as 200 Muslim protesters gathered at Beyazit Square in Istanbul on Sunday against the republishing of the Prophet Mohammed cartoons by the French satirical magazine Charlie Hebdo. The protest was organised by the Foundation of Intellectuals of Ehl-i Beyt (Ehl-i Beyt Alimleri Dernegi in Turkish) and Foundation of the Light of Hope (Umut Isigi Dernegi in Turkish) which condemned French government and President Emmanuel Macron for allowing the cartoons to be republished. Protesters held banners reading ''We are the ummah of Muhammad, we do not submit to humiliation'', ''The hands impinging on the Quran are to be broken'' and ''France is a terrorist state'' in Turkish and English. ''As it is already known, they attacked both the sacred persona of the prophet and our holy book The Noble Quran in France, Norway, and Sweden despicably, vulgarly and devilishly. And they still go on making these attacks,» said a protester addressing the crowd.

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