Turkey: Mountaineers self-isolate in treehouse to steer clear of coronavirus

A group of three friends in the Turkish province of Manisa, near Izmir, have taken to the mountains as a coronavirus precaution, building a treehouse and fully-functional camp out of recycled materials after it became clear that individuals would be recommended to self-isolate to escape illness. Sitting at 651 metres above sea level, the Spil mountains are an idyllic place to pass the time, as... Еще seen in footage from Saturday. Whilst urban-dwellers are stuck on their apartment balconies with little to do but sing, the three friends chop wood, drink tea, and chat around an open flame in their makeshift outdoor residence. Although the camp was already in the works as a getaway for the group, they decided to do what was needed to get it finished after news surrounding the coronavirus worsened. «Three of us sleep in the same room. We have a new plan to build another tree house. Then we will make small bridges in between tree houses to connect them. Shortly we will start making it. We preferred tree houses to be able to live on top of trees,» said Semih Yigit, one of the builders. The trio says their project is informed by respect for nature, as they also manage a cherry orchard near the property. «In nature we feel protected as we are away from other people. Here I feel safe. We didn't have much difficulty as we have fire and water. Having said that we don't have electricity so therefore from time to time we go down to the city centre to fulfil our needs,» said Alihan Sayilir, another resident who is also an electrician in Manisa. On Saturday, Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan encouraged Turkish citizens to remain quarantined and resist using transport and walking the streets freely, with cases in the country catching up to those in Europe at 7,402.

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