Turkey: Marching band boosts morale by playing through Bornova streets

While Bornova's residents found themselves locked in to avoid the spread of the coronavirus, a marching brass band came playing through the streets to help keep morale high on Tuesday. Footage shows band members wearing protective overalls, masks, and gloves while they played music through the streets of Bornova and at the mayor's residence. «As of now, our residents who are over the age of 65... Еще must stay in their homes. The disease spreads even faster during these days. Everyone should stay at home. Morale is down, therefore, so that we can break up the unhappy vibes around us, we came up with this band,» explained Bornova Mayor Mustafa Idug. The band played to locals who danced, sang and even played along from their balconies and windows. «I see happiness and joy on the faces of onlookers. People have been trapped to their homes for the past 20 days. Their psychological conditions are not that good therefore we wanted to cheer them up and I think we have managed that,» said band member Aykut Kayasi. «Music makes people happy. We are just messengers delivering this,» said another band member.

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