Turkey: Man uses drone to pick up shopping amid corona crisis near Antalya

A man in the town of Serik, near Antalya, has begun using his drone to get deliveries from his local shop, as much of Turkey remains in a state of lockdown due to the coronavirus. Footage from Friday shows Hasan Kurt using his drone to pick up some bread from the shop after asking the shop's owner Ibrahim Cetin. Up until the coronavirus hit, Kurt was using his licensed drone for good causes — helping local police with search and rescue missions in the mountains nearby the seaside city of Antalya. «Especially after I put my shopping videos on to social media, many friends rang me to say it was such good idea. My move attracted positive reactions, as it encourages people to stay home,» said Kurt. He believes that drones have negative perceptions surrounding them, and that the virus is helping to change the public's ideas about their potential uses. «Customers want to stay indoors due to virus and shop remotely. But I don't have drones at the moment so we cannot fulfil their needs of distance shopping. But soon hopefully we will be able to do it,» said Cetin, who has been happy to take orders from Kurt. Turkey has recently imposed a partial curfew for people under 20 years of age, as well as an interprovince travel ban to halt the spread of coronavirus.

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