Turkey: Izmir Orthodox community takes part in Epiphany dive

A cross-throwing ceremony was held by Izmir's Greek Orthodox community as part of the celebration of Epiphany in the Turkish city on Saturday. An Orthodox cleric threw a cross into Izmir's waters, with believers following suit in a bid to capture it first. The winner was later awarded the cross. This is the second time Izmir hosted official Epiphany celebrations. Last year Greek Orthodox... Еще believers were granted official permission to hold the Epiphany ceremony at the port of Izmir for the first time since 1922, though an unofficial celebration has occurred annually in the city since 2006. The Orthodox community of Izmir boasts around 7,500 people. The majority of Orthodox churches use the Julian calendar, which runs 13 days behind than the Gregorian calendar. Other countries such as Ukraine, Russia, Georgia, and Armenia also celebrate Christmas in January.

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